Our Mission

To assist attorney-clients in medical related cases, to maximize efficiency and productivity, and keep

non-meritorious cases out of the legal system.

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Jackie Worth



I am the owner and Lead Certified Legal Nurse Consultant at Worth & Associates. I have been in the medical field for 20 years, practicing as a nurse for 13 years. Working legal cases is my passion. I have experience with electronic medical records, as well as paper medical records, and am very efficient at reviewing and recognizing pertinent data. I pride myself on working hard and have always exceeded expectations in my career. I have experience in many specialties and facilities including: Critical Care, Emergency, PACU, Pre-op, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Ambulatory Care, and Rehabilitation/Extended Nursing Facilities. I know every attorney has different needs and I look forward to accommodating your individual preferences.

Our Services

We offer many services to attorney-clients. Surely one of our services can save you time and money. 

We can:

  • Screen cases for merit

  • Delineate standards of care

  • Identify deviations and adherences to standards of care

  • Assess injuries and damages

  • Discover tampering of medical records

  • Identify and examine pertinent medical records, policies, and/or procedures

  • Locate expert witnesses

  • Prepare reports and/or timelines to emphasize significant medical events in your case

  • Identify authoritative medical studies pertinent to the case 

  • Organize medical records

  • Determine potential defendants

  • Decipher and summarize medical records

  • Identify pertinent and/or missing medical records vital to your case

  • Draft interrogatories

  • Formulate deposition questions 

  • Coordinate and accompany independent medical examinations